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API Testing Helps MedicAlert Increase Agility, Extend Services

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 10:12:00 AM

MedicAlert pioneered the use of medical ID products and delivers the most dependable, responsive, and trusted Emergency Identification and Medical Information Network. The nonprofit charity provides the functionality of an e-health information exchange for emergencies through an innovative combination of a unique patient identifier linked to a personal health record and a live 24/7 emergency response service. 

As MedicAlert continues expanding its role as an innovative provider of healthcare information services, they are leveraging APIs.  To accelerate their ability to roll out new APIs in a secure and effective fashion, MedicAlert has relied on automated API testing software from Parasoft.

With Parasoft, the organization has been able to rapidly manage the functional, regression and load testing challenges associated with its new capabilities and offerings. Parasoft has enabled MedicAlert to automate the testing and validating of new APIs – enabling them to provide new healthcare information services and more rapidly respond to business opportunities.

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Peter Coffee on Leveraging the Web’s Transformation

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 8:22:00 AM

By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap

This article was originally published on the Skytap Blog

Noel Wurst: Hello, this is Noel Wurst with Skytap and I am speaking today with Peter Coffee. Peter is the VP for Strategic Resource at and he's also going to be taking part in the SDLC Acceleration Summit on May 13th in San Francisco, California. Peter how are you doing today?

Peter Coffee: It's great to be with you Noel. I'm fine, thank you.

Noel Wurst: Great, awesome. Well, I was going to say that I had the privilege of reading your bio online. I recommend listeners go online and check it out for themselves. It's such a varied background, you've done a little bit of everything. I saw everything from aerospace, the defense sector, alternative fuel research, video game development, and I was curious as to what you're working on now with Salesforce or outside of there. What's piquing your interest these days?

Peter Coffee: My job was created seven years ago at, three years after I had a breakfast conversation with Marc Benioff about what it would take to let people build things on the web—we didn't call it the cloud seven years ago—as readily as some of the tools like Hypercard or Visual Basic for letting them build things on desktops, and get rid of the idea that you had to build the app with all of the same complexity and difficulties and then have additional compounded difficulties putting it up online. But instead, be able to get to something that allowed you to build it as readily as if you were just going to run it on your PC, and then make it securely and reliably available to people anywhere. That was the vision for what the next generation platform needed to be. And if you think about it, the web went from being a medium where you can publish stuff for other people to read, to posting stuff on which other people could comment, to now where it really is a medium for taking what you know and packaging it in a way that makes it available for other people to use.

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Parasoft Wins Embeddy Award for Process Intelligence Engine

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 9:35:00 AM

"Best of Show" Award for Development Testing Platform Component Featured in Embedded Testing Solution

We're pleased to announce that Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) won the Embeddy "Best of Show" award at EE Live!

Parasoft PIE—a core component of Parasoft Development Testing Platformaggregates, correlates, and analyzes millions of observations scattered throughout disparate systems, then delivers an actionable list of findings prioritized by the organization's policies. This helps organizations identify business risks and reduce the costs associated with software failures. Since Parasoft's open architecture allows any development tool (including custom and third-party tools) to contribute observations to its advanced analysis, the possibilities are endless. 

VDC Research, the leading market intelligence and advisory firm for the connected world, created and named this honor to highlight companies announcing important advances in the embedded industry. The award winner was chosen from among the software innovations exhibited during the event, based on inventiveness, technological significance, and industry applicability. Steve Hoffenberg, VDC Research's Director of M2M Embedded Software & Tools, commented, "As a suite to analyze data from multiple software development projects and tools, the Process Intelligence Engine performs meta-analysis to produce both technical and business results. With PIE, Parasoft has created a new category of software development tool that could yield widespread benefits."

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A Business View of Continuous Delivery [Guest Blog]

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 9:28:00 AM

By Dhruv Gupta, Director of Product Marketing at Perforce

This article was originally published on the Perforce Blog.

An interesting article came out recently, “Why Continuous Deployment may mean Continuous Disappointment for your Customers.” It correctly identifies the human need for a shiny, new thing every so often. And it argues that the practice of continuous deployment could lead to disenchantment with incremental updates.

The article cites examples of companies whose customers were left disillusioned by incremental additions or subtractions to existing capability.

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Continuous Testing: What's the Business Value?

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 7:26:00 AM

Given the business expectations at each stage of the SDLC, Continuous Testing delivers a quantitative assessment of risk as well as actionable tasks that help mitigate these risks before they progress to the next stage of the SDLC.  The goal is to eliminate meaningless tests and produce value-added tasks that truly drive the development organization towards a successful release.

Continuous Testing—when executed correctly—delivers three major business benefits.

First, continuous tests are the artifacts that drive a central system of decision for the SDLC.  Continuous tests place a bracer around core business functionality as expressed and implemented in software.  The assessment of the validity or stability of these core business artifacts provides a real-time, quantifiable assessment of the application's health.  

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2014: The Year of Continuous Delivery [Guest Blog]

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 8:05:00 AM

by Steve Brodie, CEO at Electric Cloud

This article was originally published on the Electric Cloud Blog

In 2014, software development is becoming a critical core competency at Enterprise IT, Web and embedded systems companies around the world, and Continuous Delivery and DevOps initiatives are underway. 

A recent Forrester Research survey of Fortune 1000 companies indicates that 58% of IT leaders in their companies place faster delivery of IT services in their top 3 priorities.  Yet, only 12% can deliver high quality results fast enough. This bodes well for Electric Cloud since accelerating software delivery is what we’ve been all about since our company’s inception. What an exciting time to be in the industry!

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Theresa Lanowitz on Solving Age-Old Problems in the Enterprise [Guest Blog]

Posted on Mar 20, 2014 11:19:00 AM

By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap

This article was originally published on the Skytap Blog

Noel: Hello, this is Noel Wurst with Skytap and I am speaking with Theresa Lanowitz today, who is the founder of voke. Theresa is going to be giving a keynote at this year’s STAREAST conference on May 8, in Orlando, Florida. The keynote is titled “Extreme Automation: Software Quality for the Next Generation Enterprise.” I wanted to speak with her about what exactly extreme automation involves, trying to define the “next generation enterprise,” and to find out more about what she does and what voke does. Theresa, how are you today?

Theresa: I’m great, and thanks for inviting me to do this interview.

Noel: You’re welcome! So, let’s learn a little bit more about what you do with voke and what voke does. I was reading about some of your company’s services on your website—particularly those that relate to application development at the enterprise level. I saw where voke helps companies evaluate a variety of application lifecycle solutions. Actually, I’ll go ahead and let you talk about that first before I move on.

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Continuous Testing: It's All About Risk

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 10:36:00 AM

No matter what industry you're in, software is increasingly becoming the interface to your business. Organizations that are able to increase the speed and quality of innovative software releases will capitalize on differentiable competitive advantages; those that cannot will languish behind competitors.

Not surprisingly, many enterprises have begun flirting with the idea of accelerating the SDLC to drive innovation through software. However, it’s critical to realize that there's an optimal balance between speed and quality with software delivery—as with all engineered products. We're in an era in which leading organizations must reassess the true "cost of quality" for software. Remember: the cost of quality isn't the price of creating quality software—it’s the penalty or risk incurred by failing to deliver quality software.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Is Software Development Meeting Expectations?

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 7:50:00 AM

ThumbnailPIESoftware is increasingly critical to an organization's competitiveness, but the applications being developed consistently meet business stakeholder expectations only 17% of the time. What's the problem...and what's the secret  to ensuring that expectations are met?

Parasoft—industry leader in Service Virtualization, API Testing, and Development Testing—prepared the following Infographic to expose the gap between business expectation and technical implememtation. The infographic also introduces Parasoft PIE: a groundbreaking new technology that helps organizations close that gap, ensuring that software development mitigates business risks associated with application security, reliability, performance, and compliance.   

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Will SDLC Acceleration Ultimately Deliver Bugs to your Customers Faster?

Posted on Mar 5, 2014 10:28:00 AM

There is no doubt that software is rapidly becoming the primary source for business differentiation. Organizations that are able to increase the speed and quality of innovative software releases will capitalize on differentiable competitive advantages; those that cannot will languish behind competitors.

If you need to increase SDLC speed without compromising quality expectations, join us on 3.14, National Pi Day, to learn how Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) can help you achieve your goals. By collecting, correlating and analyzing disparate data scattered throughout the SDLC, Parasoft PIE identifies business risks and highlights opportunities for process improvement. This system of decision delivers actionable tasks that help development teams mitigate risks before they progress to the next stage of the SDLC.

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