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Topic: Unit Testing

How Does Your Unit Testing Process Stack Up?

By Parasoft on August 1, 2013

New Unit Testing Maturity Model Unit testing is a cornerstone of successful Development Testing strategies and should be adopted by any...

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How Development Testing Reduces Software Development Costs

By Parasoft on June 27, 2013

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft

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Overcome Mobile App Development Fears through Development Testing

By Parasoft on August 16, 2012

Fast Company recently published findings from their discussions with mobile application developers about their biggest software development fears...

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Establishing a Change-Detection Safety Net with Unit Testing

By Parasoft on May 26, 2011

Working on a code base that has minimal tests or no tests is like walking on eggshells: every move you make has the potential to break something....

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Unit Testing: How We Eased the Burden of Our Regression Test Process

By Parasoft on May 19, 2011

Years ago, when Parasoft started examining our internal unit testing process, we found that developers would write functional unit tests to...

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Increase Unit Testing ROI: Keep Unit Tests in Synch with Your App

By Parasoft on May 12, 2011

Once you’ve built up a set of test cases that give you good coverage of your use cases,  you need to ensure that they’re maintained. Unit testing...

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Unit Testing: Is More Coverage Better?

By Adam Kolawa on April 25, 2011

Everyone thinks that more coverage is always better, but that's not always the case. People want high code coverage, but to achieve something like...

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Static Analysis and Run Time Error Detection on 64-Bit Platforms

By Parasoft on October 14, 2010

In my previous posts, I covered a four-step strategy for preparing the application for the 64-bit porting process: Apply mutation testing to...

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Static Code Analysis for Porting Code to 64-Bit Platforms

By Parasoft on October 7, 2010

In my previous post, I introduced a process you can apply to prepare the application for the 64-bit porting process: Perform mutation testing via...

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