How to Use and Abuse Autogenerated Unit Tests

Aug 7, 2014
Automated Unit Testing Use Cases vs. Abuse Cases By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft When people think of autogenerated tests, unit tests...

Top 13 Development Testing Resources of 2013

Jan 9, 2014
In 2013, Parasoft noticed 2 trends in Development Testing resource access. At the technical level, interest spanned a broad spectrum of development te...

Unit Test Maintenance Still Biggest Challenge

Nov 20, 2013
We recently asked developers and software engineers to answer a single question about unit testing: What makes unit testing so challenging? Last fall ...

How a Development Testing Platform Helps Wipro Deliver Top-Quality Code Efficiently

Aug 15, 2013
Meeting Exacting Software Quality Standards While Reducing Testing Time and Effort by 25% Wipro, a leading provider of IT services to Global 1000 comp...

How Does Your Unit Testing Process Stack Up?

Aug 1, 2013
New Unit Testing Maturity Model Unit testing is a cornerstone of successful Development Testing strategies and should be adopted by any organization s...

How Development Testing Reduces Software Development Costs

Jun 27, 2013
By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft Following up on the overview of the business benefits of Development Testing, let's take a closer loo...

Top 10 Embedded Testing & Safety-Critical Development Resources

Dec 11, 2012
Here are the 10 most-requested embedded software testing, safety-critical development, and FDA/medical device software development assets from Parasof...

How the Grinch Stole Testing – Noise! Noise! Noise! from Static Analysis & Regression Testing

Nov 29, 2012
Webinar: Reduce Static Analysis and Regression Testing Noise Noise is the bane of software testing. Whether you’re doing static analysis or regression...

What Do Developers Hate About Unit Testing?

Sep 13, 2012
A couple weeks ago, we launched a survey about what developers hate most about unit testing. Here are the results as of today:
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