Top 10 Software Testing and Software Quality Blogs

Dec 21, 2011
Here are the 10 most-read Parasoft Blog articles from 2011:

Unit Testing: Is it Nearing Extinction?

Apr 21, 2011
By Adam Kolawa, Parasoft CEO and Co-Founder Some people claim that unit testing is going the way of the dinosaur, but I think that unit testing is mor...

Free Unit Testing Certification - Achieving Real Results

Mar 29, 2011
Parasoft is sponsoring a free hands-on training program to help developers, managers, and QA learn how to achieve real results with unit testing.

Agile Quality Tip #6 - Extend TDD with Regression Test Generation

Mar 10, 2011
As we wrote previously, our current series of posts is covering 10 brief quality tips designed to help you extend well-known agile quality practices t...

How Can Test-Driven Development (TDD) Be Automated?

Jan 20, 2011
Since Parasoft is constantly talking about about automating testing, we're often asked: How does automation apply to Test-Driven Development (TDD)? Mo...
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