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Topic: Static Analysis

How to Evaluate a Static Code Analysis Tool: Part 2

By Parasoft on August 9, 2012

6 Steps to Choosing a Static Code Analysis Tool Your Team Will Actually Use Last week, we introduced this series of static analysis evaluation...

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How to Evaluate Static Code Analysis Tools

By Parasoft on August 2, 2012

6 Steps to Choosing a Static Code Analysis Tool Your Team Will Actually Use As applications grow increasingly complex, more and more...

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Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis

By Parasoft on March 1, 2012

By Boguslaw Czwartkowski, Parasoft Professional Services Manager Static code analysis is a broad term used to describe several different types of...

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How Static Analysis Reduces the Burden of Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Compliance

By Parasoft on January 19, 2012

IMA Reduces the Time and Cost of Regulatory Compliance through Static Analysis Since 1961, IMA has been designing and producing implants and...

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Input Validation: Immunity Against Web Attacks

By Parasoft on September 29, 2011

By Arthur Hicken - Evangelist / Solutions Architect at Parasoft Imagine for a second that you're facing a deadly pandemic. You have two choices:

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Static Analysis for FDA: 3 Keys to Success

By Parasoft on June 23, 2011

Continuing our series of posts on static code analysis for FDA/medical device sofware compliance, let's look at 3 keys to establishing a...

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Static Analysis for FDA: What's Involved?

By Parasoft on June 16, 2011

In last week's post, we introduced how static analysis is just one piece of the FDA compliance puzzle. In the next posts, we'll explore this...

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Static Analysis: One Piece of the FDA Compliance Puzzle

By Parasoft on June 9, 2011

The FDA recently drew attention to static analysis as it publicly recommended that developers of software for infusion pumps use static analysis...

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Static Code Analysis Rule Set Optimization Can Uncover More Defects

By Parasoft on December 16, 2010

- Nathan Jakubiak, Parasoft Software Development Manager Recently our development team found a bug that resulted in a null variable being...

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