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Topic: Software Testing Best Practices

Transforming a Test Automation Maintenance Nightmare into Success

By Vinay Shah on February 6, 2020

Best practices for test automation emphasize reliability, portability, reusability, readability, maintainability, and more. But how can your...

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Industry Experts Give Their Software Testing Predictions for 2020

By Elizabeth Kolawa on January 10, 2020

In an industry challenged by growing complexity and the trends of a rapidly-evolving software industry, we are constantly preparing for the...

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Taking the Negativity out of Negative Testing

By Jessica Lavoie on September 5, 2019

Misconceptions often lead to testers getting the bad rap of "breaking" the software. Developers and stakeholders might call that negative testing,...

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Getting Started with Static Analysis without Overwhelming the Team

By Billy McMullin on June 13, 2019

This post is the first of a few I’ll write to help new users adopt static analysis tools into their development process. Getting started can be...

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A Better Approach to DevSecOps

By Mark Lambert on May 30, 2019

Most of the problems with DevSecOps today come back to organizations trying to "fix" security by adding testing at the end of the product cycle,...

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How to Transform DevSecOps into SecDevOps

By Mark Lambert on March 7, 2019

It might sound like semantics, but the order of words carries all the weight. How do we culturally shift the way we address security? We start by...

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Non-Functional Testing: An Imperative for Shifting Left

By Frank Puranik on February 28, 2019

In this guest blog, Frank Puranik from iTrinegy discusses how to test in the real-world networks that your applications will be deployed in, for...

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How and Why to Adopt BDD in Software Development

By Grigori Trofimov on January 24, 2019

Behavior-driven development (BDD) addresses the problem of implementing poorly defined requirements by leveraging the domain expertise of business...

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Accelerate Software Testing by Sharing Test Assets Across Dev and Test Teams

By Jamie Motheral on January 9, 2019

While the whole shift-left concept is indeed incredibly valuable, you can accelerate testing to keep up with development by simply reducing rework...

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