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Topic: Service Virtualization

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Make Software Testing Faster and Cheaper

By Parasoft on September 11, 2014

A recent survey asking software developers, testers, and performance test engineers a series of questions about their access to test environments...

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Creating Complete Dev/Test Environments in the Cloud

By Parasoft on August 14, 2014

You can't truly accelerate the SDLC without a dependable continuous testing process. Evolving from automated to continuous testing requires...

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[CASE STUDY] API Testing and Service Virtualization Reduce Testing Time 20X

By Parasoft on May 14, 2014

The Challenge: Accelerating Testing in Parallel and Agile Development Environments Ignis Asset Management is a global asset management company,...

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Top 10 Service Virtualization Questions from Gartner AADI 2013

By Parasoft on December 5, 2013

Service Virtualization FAQs Parasoft has been showcasing our Service Virtualization solution at Gartner AADI this week. Since there's been so...

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How service virtualization helped Comcast release software faster — thoroughly-tested and at a lower total cost

By Parasoft on November 13, 2013

In this Q&A with Parasoft, we asked Frank Jennings, TQM Performance Director at Comcast, to share his service virtualization experiences using ...

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Service Virtualization ROI: Is it Worth It?

By Parasoft on October 3, 2013

Is Service Virtualization Really Worth it? Last week, we explored the business value of service virtualization: how service virtualization's...

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Case Study: Service Virtualization in a VMware Environment

By Parasoft on August 26, 2013

To achieve a significant improvement in software quality and reliability, one of New Zealand's largest government organizations started using...

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Does Service Virtualization’s “Shift Left” Burden Developers?

By Parasoft on May 21, 2013

Service virtualization undeniably benefits the development process, but it can be both a blessing and a curse for developers. Minimizing the...

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Service Virtualization Maturity Model

By Parasoft on October 4, 2012

Here at Parasoft, we've been guiding customers through the rapidly-growing service virtualization market since its inception. Recently, we...

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