Why Regression Testing is a Development Testing Lifesaver

Oct 9, 2013
By Rich Newman, Principal Software Engineer at Parasoft Lately, I've been working to implement more and better support in Insure++ (Parasoft's memory ...

15 Seconds to Find a Pointer Error In 500,000+ Lines of Code

Mar 21, 2013
How 15 seconds of analysis uncovered a crash-causing error that evaded 40 hours of manual inspection BITTT Enterprises specializes in business process...

False Positives in Static Code Analysis

Feb 21, 2013
By Arthur Hicken - Evangelist at Parasoft Years ago, the biggest challenge in static code analysis was trying to find more and more interesting, thing...

Top 10 Development Testing Blogs

Jan 11, 2013
Here are the 10 most-read Development Testing articles from the Parasoft Blog in 2012:

Finding Dynamic Memory Errors with Memory Error Detection Tools

Jul 12, 2012
Using dynamically allocated memory properly is a tricky issue. In many cases, programs continue to run well after a programming error causes serious m...

Finding Memory Leaks in C or C++

Jun 28, 2012
Memory leaks in C or C++ occur when dynamically allocated memory cannot be released back to the operating system because the program no longer contain...

How to Find Pointer Abuse in C

Jun 7, 2012
Problems with pointers are among the most difficult encountered by C programmers. Memory error detection tools can detect pointer-related problems in ...

Identifying Memory Corruption in C and C++

May 24, 2012
C and C++ developers face a unique problem: many errors in their code don't manifest themselves during normal testing. Software with subtle problems s...

Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis

Mar 1, 2012
By Boguslaw Czwartkowski, Parasoft Professional Services Manager Static code analysis is a broad term used to describe several different types of anal...
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