15 Seconds to Find a Pointer Error In 500,000+ Lines of Code

Mar 21, 2013
How 15 seconds of analysis uncovered a crash-causing error that evaded 40 hours of manual inspection BITTT Enterprises specializes in business process...

Finding Dynamic Memory Errors with Memory Error Detection Tools

Jul 12, 2012
Using dynamically allocated memory properly is a tricky issue. In many cases, programs continue to run well after a programming error causes serious m...

How to Find Pointer Abuse in C

Jun 7, 2012
Problems with pointers are among the most difficult encountered by C programmers. Memory error detection tools can detect pointer-related problems in ...

Identifying Memory Corruption in C and C++

May 24, 2012
C and C++ developers face a unique problem: many errors in their code don't manifest themselves during normal testing. Software with subtle problems s...

Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis

Mar 1, 2012
By Boguslaw Czwartkowski, Parasoft Professional Services Manager Static code analysis is a broad term used to describe several different types of anal...

New Embedded Testing Article: Find More Bugs in Embedded C Software

Dec 1, 2011
Although software verification techniques can help developers find specific types of defects in embedded C software, they can overlook some errors. To...

Agile Quality Tip #3 - Catch as Many Errors as Possible Before QA

Feb 17, 2011
As we wrote previously, our current series of posts is covering 10 brief quality tips designed to help you extend well-known agile development quality...

Webinar Recordings: Static Analysis, Runtime Error Detection, SOA Testing, More

Dec 21, 2010
In case you missed them, we have uploaded recordings of some of our most popular 2010 webinars:

Static Analysis and Run Time Error Detection on 64-Bit Platforms

Oct 14, 2010
In my previous posts, I covered a four-step strategy for preparing the application for the 64-bit porting process: Apply mutation testing to perform r...
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