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Topic: Functional Safety Compliance

Forrester Report on Continuous Functional Test Automation: What You Need to Know About Continuous Testing

By Joy Ruff on June 30, 2020

Adopt a Better Testing Strategy Software testing often gets a bad rap. It takes too long, requires too many resources, and impacts the production...

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Non-Functional Testing and Performance Testing Couldn’t Get Any More Shifted Left

By Jason English on May 28, 2020

An Intellyx BrainBlog for Parasoft by Jason English Have you ever had a friend who was OCD about the whiteness of their teeth? They go to a...

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Requirements Management and the Traceability Matrix

By Ricardo Camacho on April 9, 2020

A cornerstone of a rigorous software development process is requirements management and the traceability of those requirements to...

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Qualifying a software testing tool with the TÜV certificate

By Miroslaw Zielinski on March 24, 2020

Tool qualification: What is it and why do I need it? Safety-critical software development standards, as such as ISO 26262 (automotive), DO178B/C...

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The Anticipated MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2 is Now Available

By Ricardo Camacho on March 12, 2020

Amendment to MISRA C:2012 has been released by the MISRA C Working Group in support of the C Standard known as “C11” and formally ratified as...

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Static Analysis & Coding Standards Compliance for Autonomous Driving Software

By Ijaz Sarwar on December 18, 2019

Writing code for complex functionality like autonomous driving requires large teams of talented individuals, who very often have their own views...

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We released Parasoft C/C++test 10.4.3!

By Miroslaw Zielinski on December 3, 2019

Parasoft C/C++test 10.4.3 introduces the enhanced Automotive Compliance Pack, including complete coverage for required/automated guidelines from...

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The Merger of MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++: A Roundtable Discussion

By Parasoft on September 26, 2019

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) announced the future merging of MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++, the two leading...

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How to Select the Right Tool for AUTOSAR C++ Compliance in Support of ISO 26262

By Miroslaw Zielinski on June 25, 2019

Teams wishing to streamline their ISO 26262 compliance efforts by applying AUTOSAR C++ coding guidelines will be more successful if they are...

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