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Service Virtualization Maturity Model

By Parasoft on October 4, 2012

Here at Parasoft, we've been guiding customers through the rapidly-growing service virtualization market since its inception. Recently, we...

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Overcome Mobile App Development Fears through Development Testing

By Parasoft on August 16, 2012

Fast Company recently published findings from their discussions with mobile application developers about their biggest software development fears...

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Input Validation: Immunity Against Web Attacks

By Parasoft on September 29, 2011

By Arthur Hicken - Evangelist / Solutions Architect at Parasoft Imagine for a second that you're facing a deadly pandemic. You have two choices:

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How Service Virtualization Removes Testing Constraints

By Rami Jaamour on September 2, 2010

The constraints that I introduced in my last post can really add tremendous setbacks to testing schedules, which are typically already quite...

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Testing Resource Constraints in Composite Apps

By Rami Jaamour on August 26, 2010

Resource constraints inherent in today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments can impede a QA/development team’s ability to construct test...

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