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Topic: Enterprise

Top 3 Reasons to Love Automated API Testing
By Parasoft on February 13, 2015

APIs and the "API Economy" are currently experiencing an outpouring of love from developers and industry experts alike, but it's just not...

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Integrate Service Virtualization, API Testing and Test Lab Management
By Parasoft on November 7, 2014

Enable Continuous Testing and Significantly Expand Test Coverage and Traceability We're excited to announce Parasoft's latest release: a...

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Why Software Testers Can't Test
By Parasoft on September 25, 2014

64% of testers currently spend little to no time creating automated tests ?!? By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap (This article was...

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Theresa Lanowitz on Solving Age-Old Problems in the Enterprise [Guest Blog]
By Parasoft on March 20, 2014

By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap This article was originally published on the Skytap Blog Noel: Hello, this is Noel Wurst with Skytap and...

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Top 10 Service Virtualization Questions from Gartner AADI 2013
By Parasoft on December 5, 2013

Service Virtualization FAQs Parasoft has been showcasing our Service Virtualization solution at Gartner AADI this week. Since there's been so...

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Service Virtualization Case Study: Testing Faster, Earlier & More Completely
By Parasoft on October 16, 2013

Parasoft Service Virtualization Eliminates Dependencies for Faster, Earlier, and More Complete Testing Executive Summary

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Service Virtualization ROI: Is it Worth It?
By Parasoft on October 3, 2013

Is Service Virtualization Really Worth it? Last week, we explored the business value of service virtualization: how service virtualization's...

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Why Do Businesses Adopt Service Virtualization?
By Parasoft on September 25, 2013

What's the Business Value of Service Virtualization? With today's interconnected applications, a complete and realistic test environment is...

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Case Study: Service Virtualization in a VMware Environment
By Parasoft on August 26, 2013

Parasoft and VMware Fundamentally Change Organization's Approach to Development and Testing One of the New Zealand government’s largest...

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