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Topic: Development Testing

Put the Agility Back into Agile Development with Change-Based Testing

By Mark Lambert on November 15, 2017

Agile Development’s Dirty Little Secret Agile is often mis-sold to senior management as a way of achieving quicker time-to-market, when the...

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The Latest Update to our Development Testing Products

By Mark Lambert on November 7, 2017

Want to know more about what exactly we've been up to for our developers? We are happy to have released the latest update to Parasoft’s...

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Why People Hate Unit Testing and How To Bring Back the Love

By Mark Lambert on September 22, 2017

We created the Parasoft Jtest Unit Test Assistant to ease the pain of unit testing because we heard you say how much you hate unit testing, but we...

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Are Your Unit Tests Failing and You Don't Know Why?

By Arthur Hicken on July 21, 2017

Of the many reasons software developers complain about unit testing, dealing with noisy test suites is one of the biggest. And the longer a piece...

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The C/C++test, Jtest, dotTEST 10.3.2 and Development Testing Platform 5.3.2 Release

By Mark Lambert on June 20, 2017

With this week’s release of Parasoft C/C++test, Jtest, dotTEST 10.3.2, and Parasoft DTP 5.3.2, we are providing numerous enhancements to improve...

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Automated Test Traceability for Jira

By Aaron Lindsay on May 18, 2017

In the world of Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, and any other industry word we want to throw in the mix, developers and testers are under enormous pressure...

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Avoid These 5 Things When You Release Software

By Arthur Hicken on April 12, 2017

The cost of a software failure can be felt in different ways – in the stock price of a public company, for instance, or in a small company, it can...

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A Healthy Static Analysis Strategy

By Arthur Hicken on March 13, 2017

As part of my series on the 7 habits of highly successful programmers, today I’m going to discuss a few ways to make sure that static analysis is...

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Avoid Ineffective Code Reviews by Eliminating These 7 Bad Habits

By Arthur Hicken on February 16, 2017

A strong peer code review practice is known to improve software quality, so here are some ways to avoid the bad habits threatening to make your...

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