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Topic: Compliance

How to Leverage Automotive Software Development Standards to Mitigate Risk

By Parasoft on July 9, 2015

Some organizations view compliance with ISO 26262, MISRA, and other standards as an overhead-boosting burden, but the truth is that the cost of...

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How Development Testing Reduces Software Development Risks

By Parasoft on July 10, 2013

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft All businesses want (or should want) to reduce risks associated with software development. But...

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Why Development Testing Makes Business Sense

By Parasoft on June 20, 2013

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft Developers Making Business Decisions A surprising number of high-risk software defects are 100%...

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Embedded Software Testing at Center of Voting Machine Row

By Parasoft on November 8, 2012

Not even software escapes political partisanship as a newly-installed voting machine software module came under scrutiny on Tuesday due to a lack...

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How Static Analysis Reduces the Burden of Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Compliance

By Parasoft on January 19, 2012

IMA Reduces the Time and Cost of Regulatory Compliance through Static Analysis Since 1961, IMA has been designing and producing implants and...

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Requirements Traceability and Requirements-Based Testing

By Parasoft on August 4, 2011

Requirements traceability has become a "must have" capability for teams  who are building safety-critical or mission-critical applications and...

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Static Analysis for FDA: 3 Keys to Success

By Parasoft on June 23, 2011

Continuing our series of posts on static code analysis for FDA/medical device sofware compliance, let's look at 3 keys to establishing a...

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Static Analysis for FDA: What's Involved?

By Parasoft on June 16, 2011

In last week's post, we introduced how static analysis is just one piece of the FDA compliance puzzle. In the next posts, we'll explore this...

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Static Analysis: One Piece of the FDA Compliance Puzzle

By Parasoft on June 9, 2011

The FDA recently drew attention to static analysis as it publicly recommended that developers of software for infusion pumps use static analysis...

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