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Topic: Code Coverage

Code Coverage Density and Test Overlap

By Parasoft on September 14, 2011

The concept of coverage density is somewhat related to test overlap. Generally, you want to avoid having multiple test cases test the same...

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Towards Full Regression Test Coverage

By Parasoft on September 7, 2011

As surprising as it may sound, even complete path coverage does not mean that your code always behaves correctly. If you are using a test-driven...

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The Problem with Path Code Coverage

By Parasoft on August 31, 2011

Why do so few available tools support path coverage? High number of paths The number of possible code paths typically increases exponentially...

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Unit Test Coverage Metrics

By Parasoft on August 24, 2011

Independent of the coverage granularity, there are a number of different coverage criteria that take different aspects of coverage into account.

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Code Coverage Granularity

By Parasoft on August 18, 2011

Code coverage granularity is an important aspect of automated tools that measure code coverage metrics for testing, but not all tools provide the...

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