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How to Find Pointer Abuse in C

By Parasoft on June 7, 2012

Problems with pointers are among the most difficult encountered by C programmers. Memory error detection tools can detect pointer-related...

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Detecting Memory Corruption in C and C++

By Arthur Hicken on May 24, 2012

A quick look at why C and C++ memory corruption is so difficult to find through code inspection – and how to use a memory error detection tool to...

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How Static Analysis Reduces the Burden of Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Compliance

By Parasoft on January 19, 2012

IMA Reduces the Time and Cost of Regulatory Compliance through Static Analysis Since 1961, IMA has been designing and producing implants and...

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Medical Device Software Validation & Compliance: A Case Study

By Parasoft on June 2, 2011

Inomed is an international medical technology company that develops nerve protection instruments and systems for precisely targeted patient...

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Static Code Analysis for Porting Code to 64-Bit Platforms

By Parasoft on October 7, 2010

In my previous post, I introduced a process you can apply to prepare the application for the 64-bit porting process: Perform mutation testing via...

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Memory Error Detection When Porting to 64-Bit Platforms: Preparing for Porting

By Parasoft on September 30, 2010

By finding and fixing C/C++ memory errors before you port to 64-bit, you can reduce the risk of failures on the new platform and architecture,...

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Porting to 64-Bit Platforms: Why Is it So Challenging?

By Parasoft on September 23, 2010

Most developers responsible for porting C/C++ code to 64-bit processors—or to any new hardware, for that matter—find that memory problems seem to...

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