Why Software Development Leaders are Thankful for Static Analysis

Nov 19, 2015

It's safe to say that "static analysis" probably won't be a topic of discussion of most families' Thanksgiving feasts this week. Nevertheless, many software development professionals are immensely grateful that static analysis tools, embedded into a mature end-to-end quality process, have helped them prevent disasters much more severe than an overcooked turkey. 

Here's a look at a few reasons why software development leaders are thankful for static analysis...


"We don’t see repeat errors, and our developers get constant reinforcement of their progress as they improve their code. It has eliminated the prospect of being summoned to the executive suite late at night to explain why an online application has become unavailable again." – United Guaranty


"When we compare defect rates in the component before and after adopting static analysis, we find that we are now achieving 30% fewer defects." – Thales


"One of the biggest gains is that static analysis has taught engineers how to be better developers. We are getting fewer and fewer defects in the code base because developers are learning how to write better Java." – Cisco


"Static analysis allows us to reduce errors at the source, adjust our practices as necessary to eliminate a repeat of that error, and improve our overall software development process that carries forward from project to project. That is where we save real time and money in the long run." – Transcore

"By deploying static analysis, Samsung went from 19 violations/KLOC to 2.2 violations/KLOC in less than one year." – Samsung Electronics Mobile Project SW Center


"Static analysis really increased the stability of our software components. There was a revolution in our way of developing that allowed us to gain precious time to focus elsewhere." – SELEX-ES


"Static analysis has made it easy to transfer knowledge to new people, reducing the negative impact when experienced developers leave and new ones come in to replace them. It’s easier to teach new people how to merely use the software rather than the concepts of QA and all the things that they need to know in order to adhere to those internal quality initiatives, such as code review, scope, and range of testing. Automation makes it a lot easier for us... It enhances the quality of our products and the quality of our lives."  – NEC Telecom Software Philippines 


"With static analysis, we have automated and standardized our best practices for providing customers the highest quality code. We have dramatically improved the productivity of our testing efforts and this helps strengthen our position as a global provider of IT solutions."  – Wipro


"Static analysis teaches our development team better coding habits so that we can make our source code more fault-tolerant; more robust. I'm not talking about obvious bugs that software developers can find without automated testing tools; I'm talking about difficult-to-find logic issues that can take many hours of manual unit and integration testing to discover.… We are able to get our product to market approximately 6 months sooner." –  Bovie Medical


"Bad code costs money, and comes back to haunt support and development teams. Having an automated, non-invasive solution that scans under-development applications for syntax and coding errors before they become production problems alerts developers to coding problems and gives managers the reports they need to set strategic goals."  – EMA

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