Real World Static Analysis Boot Camp

Nov 20, 2014

Posted by Parasoft

Get Your Static Analysis in Shape with These New On-Demand Training Videos


Considering the tremendous benefit that static analysis can deliver, way too many organizations undervalue and underuse their static analysis investment.

Want to step up broad static analysis adoption across your organization? Give developers and software engineers some real-world, hands on guidance on how to ensure that it's a help rather than a hindrance.

This on-demand Static Analysis Bootcamp explores how to turn static analysis from a disruptive task into an integrated process that boosts software quality and team productivity across the SDLC. 

Session 1
In the first session, our static analysis expert (the Code Curmudgeon himself) covers:

  • Best practices for integrating static analysis into your workflow
  • How to avoid the everyday mistakes that discourage adoption

Session 2 

In the second session, we'll take a deep technical dive into how to:

  • Optimize desktop- and server-based static analysis for Java, C and C++, or .NET applications
  • Leverage reporting functionality to keep management in the loop

Whip your static analysis into shape today!
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