A Taste of PIE for 4th of July

Jun 29, 2016

Posted by Parasoft

ScreenShot1460.pngApple pie might be the classic "all-American" dessert for a 4th of July picnic, but there's an intriguing new pie to try this year. No, not cherry or blueberry... and certainly not the retro Jello pie. It's Parasoft PIE.

Parasoft’s award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) is the first and only technology that enables organizations to quickly find and remediate application hotspots according to their development policies.

pie-featured-2-430PIE correlates observations across disparate parts of the SDLC infrastructure (test tools, source control, performance monitoring, etc.), then performs multivariate analysis to prioritize findings and deliver intelligent, actionable analytics. With this insight, you can instantly and accurately determine whether a release candidate has an acceptable level of risk—and if not, how to reach that point as efficiently as possible. This includes guidance on where you need to add tests, retest code, and refactor tests in response to change. 

Hungry to see how Parasoft PIE works and what it could do for your team? We're serving up the basics in this video...

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