IoT Was the Word of the Day at Embedded World 2016

Mar 3, 2016

Posted by Parasoft

EmbeddedWorld2016.jpgThis was the third Embedded World conference in a row in which systems known as Internet of Things (IoT) was the primary topic. In years past, IoT would garner some interest, but few were really focusing on it. Last year, there was a lot of vaporware around people having IoT—but still just thinking about doing it. This was the first year, though, in which people had IoT projects in the pipe and were looking for strategies on how to deliver their IoT-ready applications.

Discussions were focused on how to build security into the environment, as well as understanding how to test the multi-layered IoT. We’ve actually been thinking about testing for IoT for several years, and in fact delivered a well-received presentation on the topic at this year’s Embedded World. In the presentation, we discussed how to isolate components at different layers for better test automation, as well as integration testing at various IoT endpoints.

Not Your Father’s IoT

Even in very simple IoT solutions, the blend of disparate technologies makes ensuring the security and reliability of applications within an IoT infrastructure challenging. The structure of IoT systems, furthermore, continues to evolve from simple client devices providing data or receiving instructions to devices attempting to make complex decisions based on data from within their subsystem.

The Cost of Failure Still Affects the IoT Supply Chain

When you create applications that publish and/or consume services within an IoT environment, it is your responsibility to ensure that all elements of the solution stack work correctly. This usually includes low level testing of the microcontroller layer, as well as higher-level verification of transactions between the various endpoints. If your application fails to deliver the expected results, your customers and partners will not care whether the failure stems from code you developed or from a component that you've integrated.

Learn IoT Testing Strategies

Struggling with (or just curious about) the challenges of testing IoT systems? Read the End-to-end Testing for IoT Integrity paper to learn about the effectiveness of an end-to-end approach to IoT system verification and get examples of how to isolate and automate testing for components within the IoT stack.

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