How Software Testing is Impacted by Agile and DevOps

Jul 7, 2016

Parasoft_Report.pngTechWell's new State of the Software Testing Profession report reveals some interesting findings about how Agile and DevOps are impacting software testing:

  • 91% of respondents believe the role of tester must be transformed to meet the needs of today's SDLC
  • 70% report that the testers' role changes significantly in response to Agile
  • 71% think that testers must become more technical to meet the demands of Agile, mobile, and embedded development
  • "Transitioning to agile" was cited as the top cause for changes in testing tasks

You can read the complete State of the Software Testing Profession report here

Another recent study focused on how the measurement of non-functional requires has been impacted by the rising adoption of Agile and what this will mean as more and more organizations transition to DevOps. You can read the complete How Agile and DevOps Teams Measure Non-Functional Requirements report here, or get an overview of the key findings in the following infographic:

Agile Disregards Non-Functional Requirements From Visually.

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