Freedom from Software Testing Bottlenecks: On-Demand Webinars

Jul 2, 2014

Posted by Parasoft

freedom_software_testingWith the approaching holiday in the US, why not take a few minutes to explore some revolutionary new ways to achieve freedom from the constraints most common in our industry today: software testing bottlenecks that impede efforts to accelerate software delivery without compromising quality.

You can now watch the following recent "Parasoft Power Hour" webinars on-demand:
  • Service Virtualization Enables Continuous Testing: Learn how to eliminate constraints associated with static staged test environments and explore how service virtualization can help your organization bring higher quality-functionality to the market faster and at a lower cost.

  • API Testing Tutorial: Explore the latest strategies for ensuring the functionality, security, and performance of  transactions through API-driven applications—even when dependencies are not available for testing.

  • Development Testing for Agile Teams:  Learn best practices for implementing defect prevention best pracitces like static analysis, unit testing, peer review, coverage analysis, runtime error detection, etc. in Agile environments.
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