Agile Quality Practices that Save Time: 10 Tips

Jan 27, 2011

Posted by Parasoft

Agile Quality Practices

The impetus for exploring and eventually adopting agile methodologies typically originates from within development.  After all, agile was artfully branded as a development methodology created by developers for developers.  

Yet, despite the benefits (and the sociology) of agile development practices, the “business” only cares about one thing: make my business requirement work.  Of course, this goal actually involves three very crucial elements:  

  1. Implement my business requirement.
  2. Make it work as the business expects it to work.
  3. Deliver it on time.

The point here is this: Without a robust strategy for agile quality that effectively meets the demand of the business, the most agile of agile teams will remain benched.  

To get the ball rolling in the right direction, we've aggregated 10 tips for development and scrum managers to consider while evolving more iterative development methodologies, and we're going to present them in the next 10 blog posts. These tips are designed to help you extend well-known agile quality practices to ensure that your software satisfies business needseffectively and efficiently:

  1. Extend Quality Beyond QA
  2. Embrace Policy as a Team
  3. Use Automation to Catch as Many Errors as Possible before QA
  4. Continuously Evolve Your Quality Policy in Response to Defects Detected
  5. Manage Code Complexity
  6. Extend TDD and Functional Tests with Automatically-Generated Regression Tests
  7. Reduce Developer Testing Complexity
  8. Reduce End-to-End Testing Complexity
  9. Re-Test Only as Needed
  10. Use Automation to Optimize Stand-Up Meetings


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