[Infographic] API Integrity: How Buggy Are Today's APIs?

Oct 23, 2013

Posted by Parasoft

With the advent of the API economy, the integrity of the APIs you produce and consume is now more important than ever. As applications grow increasingly interdependent, the security, functionality, and performance of the composite “mashup” is only as strong as its weakest link. The success of an end-to-end transaction depends upon all the parts working flawlessly—all the time.

To better understand the scope and impact of API issues, Parasoft, leading provider of API Testing solutions, recently conducted study on API Integrity. The following infographic highlights some interesting findings…



API Testing 1-Minute Overview

Here's a quick overview of the challenges associated with API testing and how Parasoft's API Testing solution helps you address them.



API Testing Resources

If you want to learn more about API Testing, Parasoft has prepared a list of key API Testing resources that our customers have found helpful at the early stages of the research/evaluation process:
  • Extreme Automation Enables Satellite TV Provider to ”Shift Left” API Testing  [CASE STUDY]
    Learn how one of the world’s top satellite TV providers automated a complex manual API testing process to dramatically increase the speed and scope of their testing— enabling them to bring top-quality software innovations to market in record time.

  • NZ Bank Reduces Application Risks with Automated API Testing [CASE STUDY]: 
    A leading NZ bank and financial-services provider wanted to extend their existing GUI-based testing to more extensively exercise the application logic within internal systems; learn how automated API testing helped them reduce business risks and save $2.1 million NZD over 18 months.

  • Testing in the API Economy: Top 5 Myths: This paper exposes the top 5 API testing myths and explains what's needed to ensure application security, reliability, functionality, and performance in the API Economy.

  • API Testing - Gartner Research: Read new Gartner research: why success in the "API economy" requires a new approach to quality processes, the business impacts of API failures, and recommendations for service/API testing.

  • How a Leading Bank Automated Extensive ESB and API Testing: Learn how a leading financial-services provider established a service testing methodology supported by automated, reusable tests that perform a broad scope of testing directly from the service/API layer.

  • API Testing Maturity Model: Parasoft’s API Testing Maturity Model helps organizations set realistic expectations for adopting and optimizing API Testing solutions.

  • Parasoft API TestingLearn how Parasoft’s API Testing solution simplifies the complex testing that’s vital for secure, reliable, and compliant composite applications.


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