Play Service Virtualization Lingo Bingo

Aug 21, 2013

Posted by Parasoft

Let's be honest. The papers and articles from leading service virtualization vendors (us included) are using so many of the same terms and catch phrases that it's becoming difficult to distinguish one service virtualization solution from the other—that is, until you're actually hands on with the service virtualization technology deployed in your unique environment. 

Service Virtualization Lingo BingoIf we can't escape it, we might as well have some fun with it . . . join us for a round of Service Virtualization Lingo Bingo! 

How to Play Service Virtualization Lingo Bingo

  1. Print out the Parasoft Service Virtualization Lingo Bingo card
  2. The next time you read a service virtualization paper or article (from any service virtualization vendor), look for Service Virtualization Lingo terms and mark off the matching squares on your card. 
  3. If you get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line from the words in a single marketing piece, submit your contact information and a link to the winning service virtualization asset. In return, we'll send you a special gift.
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