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How Development Testing Improves Software Development Efficiency

software development efficiency
By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft

Simply put, faster and more accurate Development Testing allows for greater overall process efficiency.

  • Automate Tedious Tasks
  • Streamline Test Management
  • Increase New Hire Effectiveness 

How Development Testing Automates Tedious Tasks

Some software development tasks are menial and repetitive, which are deceptively difficult to perform without errors. These include creating and maintaining unit tests, standards-based peer reviews, following long lists of step-by-step instructions, and reviewing test reports. An automated Development Testing approach can eliminate errors related to the introduction of defects due to tedious tasks. The use of automation for test generation, task assignment, code scans, and other software quality processes enables developers to focus on the creative tasks that make them indispensable to the organization.

How Development Testing Streamlines Test Management

Once a large set of tests has been written, managing and maintaining them becomes a greater challenge. Which tests do you run? What do they mean? Which ones need to be updated? Who is responsible for failing tests? In many organizations, up to 20% of time allocated to testing is spent answering these questions. Change-based testing, automated test runs, automated task assignment, and a simple interface are all an integral part of a Development Testing Platform. By associating tests with specific requirements, defects, and code, a Development Testing Platform provides the much-needed context to help a team get directly to the core of an issue and resolve it.

How Development Testing Increases New Hire Effectiveness

With training budgets getting slashed, the knowledge deficit must be met some other way. The simple answer is to deploy a toolset that is both intuitive and educational so that new hires can quickly make meaningful contributions. With a Development Testing Platform, it’s possible to translate corporate policies into clear constructs that are automatically applied to the code, directly presented to the user, and clearly documented in terms of value and purpose.

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