Service Virtualization Maturity Model

Oct 4, 2012

Posted by Parasoft

Here at Parasoft, we've been guiding customers through the rapidly-growing service virtualization market since its inception. Recently, we captured this experience in a Service Virtualization Maturity Model, which is designed to help IT organizations set realistic expectations for adopting and optimizing service virtualization.

service virtualization maturity model

The adoption of service virtualization can range from very simple ad-hoc or reactive applications aimed at bridging specific gaps—all the way to coordinated efforts to deliver optimized enterprise-wide access to highly-complex test environments. This service virtualization maturity model sets realistic expectations for how organizations can best apply this new and extraordinarily exciting technology, reducing application risks by enabling earlier, more comprehensive testing.

Take a look at the Service Virtualization Maturity Model and let us know what you think!

What is Service Virtualization?

Service virtualization represents an opportunity for organizations to develop and test complex applications faster and more comprehensively. With the adoption of service virtualization, organizations significantly reduce the CapEx and OpEx of managing development and test environments.

By providing anytime, anywhere access to the behavior of dependent applications that are difficult to access/configure for development and testing (e.g., databases, mainframes, 3rd-party applications, evolving services, etc.), service virtualization not only accelerates Agile and parallel development, but also enables the goal-oriented, business-driven test scenarios that significantly reduce application risk.

Service Virtualization Resources

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