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Sergei Baranov

Sergei is a principal software engineer at Parasoft, focusing on load and performance testing within Parasoft SOAtest.
Take control of threading issues impacting the performance of your Java Web API application
By Sergei Baranov on April 11, 2019

In this post, learn how to monitor Java threads to understand the specific lines of code in your application that are causing performance issues. 

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Load and Performance Testing in a DevOps Delivery Pipeline
By Sergei Baranov on July 11, 2017

In DevOps environments, it's becoming a best practice to run performance tests as a part of the continuous delivery pipeline. So performance...

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Build API Performance from the Ground Up: Using Unit Tests to Benchmark API Component Performance
By Sergei Baranov on August 18, 2016

Unit-level performance testing is a powerful practice you can easily achieve with a tight integration between your unit testing and performance...

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