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Parasoft’s industry-leading automated software testing tools support the entire software development process, from when the developer writes the first line of code all the way through unit and functional testing, to performance and security testing, leveraging simulated test environments along the way.

Enhancing Your Selenium Testing

By Parasoft on January 23, 2020

Selenium has widespread adoption as a test automation tool, but it comes with some challenges. Teams can solve UI testing challenges and make...

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The Merger of MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++: A Roundtable Discussion

By Parasoft on September 26, 2019

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) announced the future merging of MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++, the two leading...

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Shift-Left Your Safety-Critical Software Testing with Test Automation

By Parasoft on September 8, 2017

We are in a cost crisis with safety-critical software, which means that the increased functionality required has grown beyond the ability to pay...

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Cost-Effective Testing of IoT Devices with Virtual Labs

By Parasoft on August 18, 2017

Even the smallest IoT device lives in a complex environment, which may not be fully understood at the time of development. In fact, we have...

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Automated Service-Based Testing is the Key to High-Quality, Secure IoT devices

By Parasoft on June 30, 2017

IoT Needs a Different Perspective on Testing The scale of IoT is large — probably larger than most embedded manufactures have previously coped...

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The Internet of Things is: Devices and Services

By Parasoft on June 26, 2017

A Services Perspective on IoT is Needed Although “things” is the term used in the Internet of Things, the reality is that consumers and...

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Parasoft Named Leader in Application Functional Test Automation Tools

By Parasoft on December 15, 2016

We're pleased to announce that Parasoft was named a leader in the new Forrester Research report on Functional Test Automation Tools*. Forrester...

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Testing 123 with Parasoft's Mark Lambert: Change-Based Testing and Merged Correlated Code Coverage

By Parasoft on December 1, 2016

Welcome to the second session of Testing 1-2-3! This series features conversations with software testing industry leaders on a broad spectrum of...

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Why Cisco is Thankful For Static Analysis

By Parasoft on November 22, 2016

As Thanksgiving approaches, let's take a look at why leading companies like Cisco Systems are thankful for static analysis... The world’s top...

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