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Herminio Vazquez

Herminio works as a consultant in the ING Netherlands Mortgages Tribe in a specialized squad named Data Rangers. During his career, Herminio has worked in all the continents around the world and in more than 40 countries — he's lived in 12. His career was shaped in the lines of General Electric Nuclear Energy with a devotion to innovation and quality for mission-critical applications. On his professional path, he has run through the implementation of testing solutions for large ERP and CRM implementations around the globe. His experience in modeling complex test scenarios has seen the simulation of some of the largest events in scale and throughput across a wide range of industries. Today, established in Zurich, Switzerland, he splits his time between his family, friends, and nature.

Testing Alone Is Losing the Battle

By Herminio Vazquez on June 9, 2020

But there may be one thing that can change it all... Herminio Vazquez, an IOVIO consultant, shares how he worked with ING Mortgages Netherlands to...

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