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Arthur Hicken

Arthur has been involved in software security and test automation at Parasoft for over 25 years, helping research new methods and techniques (including 5 patents) while helping clients improve their software practices.

An Ounce of Prevention: Software Safety & Security Through Coding Standards

By Arthur Hicken on April 24, 2020

Software moved from the desktop to just about everything we touch. From smart thermostats to infusion pumps to cars, software is pervasive and...

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How to Choose Modern Static Analysis Tools: Beyond the Bake-Off

By Arthur Hicken on April 16, 2020

From a 50,000-foot level, all static analysis tools look the same. They analyze code without executing it and find defects, vulnerabilities, and...

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An Overview of the CWE Top 25 and On the Cusp Latest Updates

By Arthur Hicken on March 17, 2020

An update was recently made to the CWE Top 25 for the first time in several years. This update included a new methodology to objectively determine...

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When Does Software Composition Analysis (SCA) replace SAST or DAST?

By Arthur Hicken on August 22, 2019

The short answer is never. There, I just saved you enough time that you can go and do the right thing and run SAST and DAST and work on hardening...

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Getting Started with AppSec using OWASP

By Arthur Hicken on July 18, 2019

We continue to see large data breaches affecting organizations of all sizes. As cybersecurity problems continue and even increase in frequency and...

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SAST vs DAST: How to Use Them Together, Not Separately

By Arthur Hicken on March 27, 2019

People often say that SAST and DAST complement each other, but then just recommend using both, which isn’t necessarily complementary as much as it...

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What is shift-left testing?

By Arthur Hicken on December 11, 2018

The earlier you find out about problems in your code, the less impact they have. It also costs less to deal with them. In this blog, we explore...

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SQL Injections and Election Security

By Arthur Hicken on November 6, 2018

Is your head in the sand? Not doing adequate security testing might make you feel safe, but not knowing the vulnerabilities of your code won't...

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Secure your software with SEI CERT C

By Arthur Hicken on September 27, 2018

The SEI CERT secure coding standard is a great choice for securing your code, especially if your application is embedded or safety-critical. In...

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